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May 2020 ATD EVENT

  • 19 May 2020
  • 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
  • Virtual
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The Way Forward: Strategic Thinking in the Time of COVID-19 

Presented by: Dr. John P. Dentico, Ed. D.

COVID-19 is a tragic event that has captured the attention of the world and shaken its people right down to their roots. Pushed back on its heels, governments, researchers, medical practitioners, and every organization is working without rest and enough proper equipment to gain a sure footing designed to combat its intractable deadly grip. Using online resources, I suspect organizations are plunging headlong into cycles of strategic planning designed to prepare for the way forward. 

But there is a problem. Strategic planning is simply not enough. While useful, it cannot deal with the effects of a global transformation taking place before our eyes. What is required is a strategic thinking process geared towards transformational reasoning and action. The logic is simple; failing to engage in a strategic thinking process before doing strategic planning is the same as rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. More than that, strategic thinking offers hope that even the most intractable problem can be lessened with a collaborative and concerted effort of a committed group of people. 

In this online presentation, Dr. John P. Dentico will explain the six-step TSWG strategic thinking process designed to address and mitigate current and future threats and risks to your organization. TSWG has been used successfully against a different type of global threat, identity theft. 

• Participants will come to understand the difference between strategic thinking and strategic planning 

• Participants will come to know the six-step TSWG strategic thinking process 

• Participants will understand the relationship between strategic thinking and leadership 

• Participants will understand the relationship between strategic planning and management 


About the Speaker

Dr. John P. Dentico is a leadership maverick whose work centers on leadership occurring as a practice or intended action rather than residing in the traits or behaviors of particular individuals. For Dr. Dentico, there is a difference between being a leader and doing leadership. He is the author of Throttle Up: How to Accelerate the Impact of 21st Century Leadership, the creator of the LeadSimm Leadership Impact Simulation Method and co-creator of the TSWG Strategic Thinking Process. He founded LeadSimm LLC. 

In addition to his work at LeadSimm LLC, Dr. Dentico served for ten years as a special consultant to the Division of Public Safety Leadership at the Johns Hopkins University and for twelve years as an instructor in the LEEDA program at the FBI Academy. The LeadSimm Method has been used to instill 21st-century leadership practices in those faced with such complex issues as counter-terrorism, narco-terrorism, airport security, emergency response, crime reduction, gang warfare, opening day of a new baseball stadium, protection of petroleum facilities, vital ports and bridges and mass transit systems throughout the United States. Additionally, Dr. Dentico was selected by ATD National to be part of a “blue ribbon” panel designed to revise the leadership and learning technology area of the Certified Professional and Performance (CPLP) content outline. 

A recent recommended book review completed by the US Review of Books had this to say about Throttle Up. “Declaring leadership models of the past obsolete, Dentico explains why and how a leadership model of today embraces such significant tenants as mutual trust, collaboration, motivation, relationship networking, diversity, effective training, communication and the power of meaning and storytelling.” 

Throttle Up was selected as a finalist in the non-fiction category of the Wishing Shelf Book Awards based in the United Kingdom. 

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